• Insurance/Reinsurance Services and Alternative Risk Solutions
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

Insurance/Reinsurance Services and Alternative Risk Solutions

Rainmaker focuses on delivering integral and efficient risk-transfer, risk-mitigation and risk-retention strategies to international corporations & high net-worth individuals. Our areas of expertise include:

(I) Direct-underwriting services – XS Global
XS Global

(II) Reinsurance capacity – Eureka

(III) Actuarial Intelligence – Artis

(IV) Self-insurance mechanisms – SRS and Integrity cooperate via a strategic commercial alliance


Technology is continuously reshaping the business landscape. Corporations and consumers struggle to keep up with change but The Rainmaker Group is bridging gaps between financial markets and technologies that are pushing the boundaries of digital transformation.

(I) Rainmaker provides structured finance solutions through reinsurance that help corporations invest in robust cloud-based information management solutions.

Lit Solutions

(II) Rainmaker raised reinsurance-based equity and co-invested with a collection of GlobalTech companies on internet deployment strategies for developing countries.



By investing and providing direct funding & incubation services as well as having a comprehensive understanding of the insurance/reinsurance marketplace our company is active in:

I) End Stage Renal Disease Care Management Programs


(II) Health Management Organizations

(III) IT Management Systems for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

(IV) Non-profit civil associations to transform the lives of patients with kidney disease through Paired Kidney Donation.